Sunday, January 5

Hey everyone. I'm not sure WHO exactly reads this. lol. Probably no one, but if you happen to have anything to say on vegetarianism could you e-mail me at and lemme know. I've been comtemplating it for a few days now cause the though of eating meat is beginning to make me naseous. I guess I'm just kinda strange. But it's a funny thing, cause my mom told me that the whole time she was pregnant with me, she felt just like this...not that she's saying that I'm pregnant...which I'm not (lol) but I guess she's just saying maybe it's the way I am. I dunno. That sounds a bit awkward, sort of like when people talk about fate or destiny or something, but it makes sense I suppose. Ok..has anyone ever realize how funny Brits are? Absolutely fantastic. Gosh, they make me chuckle more than I ever have. lol. I downloaded this thing on Kazaa with Orlando Bloom on it called the So Graham Norton show. And I only wanted to see Orlando, but then I realized how funny this guy was and so I searched online and realized that they play that show on BBC America every night at 11et/10ct. So yea. It's so funny. ANYWAY...I'm gunna go help make some veggie kabobs to put on the grill for dinner. :) Nitey Nite.

*This is Graham Norton btw*

Tuesday, December 31

Hey guys. It's New Year's Eve and I haven't updated my blog since BEFORE Christmas. That's kind of sad. Sorry. I just completely forgot about it. :\ Soooo uhhh....yea. I'm really bored. I don't wanna go back to school. It's gunna suck bum. Oh's ok. I don't really have that much to say. lol. I had my birthday too, so now I'm finally 17. Yay!! :) Ya know what? I just saw The Fellowship of the Rings the day after Christmas. lol. I've watched it 4 or 5 times since then. It's my new favorite movie. I REALLY wanna go see the second one. And now I have a thing for Orlando Bloom. He's gorgeous. :) Anyway...I gotta go clean up the kitchen before my mom comes home and shits a brick. G*Bye.

Thursday, November 21

Hey everyone. :) I'm a little bored right now. I want Tiffany and Stephanie to get online so I can talk to people. lol. I got home from school a little while ago. Hey guys...I'm gunna be 17 on Dec. 28 (yea, that's right, I'm a Christmas Baby:)) and I still don't have my permit. :\ LoL. But, my mom is taking tomorrow off of work and so we're going to the Drivers Liscence Office and I'm gunna take the test. I should pass it. I hear its mostly common sense. My friends told me a lot of the answers that they missed, so thats all good. :) But yea, I need to study all the signs and shit tonight. Oh well, at least I'll be getting it. bleh bleh. Gosh...I have to go do my Alg. homework...:( I have a test tomorrow that I'll *hopefully* get a good grade on. I got a 30 on our last quiz. lol. Yea, that's sad. I've always been so good at math. But, she gives us example problems in class and its so easy, but then I can't get the homework or that quizzes. :\ I'm so worried about it. It's seriously affecting my GPA. ANYWAY...I'm gunna go do something else. Catch ya later you crazy kids! ;)

Monday, November 18

Hello folks. What have you guys been up to? Absolutely nuthin here. is annoying me. I don't like waking up in the morning so I can go do the same old boring thing every single day. It's just not exciting. Unless you have something to look forward to...which, fortunately, is the case for me. :) Yea, that's one of the only reasons I go to school for. I'm not saying a word...people who read this know who I'm talking about (unless you're not supposed to). Damn..has anyone ever noticed how good Andrew looks? I mean, for real. Next time (if anyone who actually reads this knows him) you see him, go up to him and "accidently" touch his stomach. Holy shit. That's some goodness right there. :) HaHa! Stephanie had a dream that her and Andrew were doin' the nasty. It was friggin' hilarious!!!! But, ya know...that's not all that bad. At least it wasn't like, Mrs. Thompson. lol. I'm just playin'. Mrs. Thompson is cool...maybe not THAT cool. But yea. Hmm...Thanksgiving is coming up. That's ALWAYS fun. :) Time to go to Nana's house and eat some yummy food. :9 Anyway...time to go blowdry my hair and get ready for bed. Yay...I love sleeping. I'll try to update this weekend too...or earlier if I don't have too much homework...but it's doubtful. So ::everyone:: have a great night and dream of me! ;)

Monday, November 4

Hey guys...what's the deal? lol.'s been raining for almost 3 weeks now and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon. So I had a fairly boring weekend. How about you? I slept for most of the weekend. Although, I did have a LITTLE fun on Friday even though it was a family function. It was my mommy's 40 birthday. Oh yea, it was a total surprise party and I set it up cause I'm an awesome daughter. AND I recently got accepted in the National Honor Role...that makes me happy. One more thing to put on College Applications. :\ Oh god...I'm gunna have to do that soon. I think I might cry. Am I the only one who doesn't want to graduate from highschool? :( I just don't wanna leave and have to meet MORE people. I guess since I'm in a lot of AP classes, and in all those classes are the kids that I've grown up with and I don't want to have to go to english my freshman year of college and not know anyone!! :( Yea, it probably is just me. lol. I'm one of those people who hates where I am unless it's familiar to me. I get all weirded out. So...I'm staying in Texas. lol. I'm *praying* that I get into U.T. It's my dream school. lol. Not so much cause it has anything special there, but because it in Austin (which is like, the best city in Texas) and my mom went to school there, so it has a special attatchment to the family. Well..I'm gunna go now.

Wednesday, October 23

Hey you crazy kids. I seriously need to update this more often. I'm a lil' bit naseous right now. I'm really nervous about tomorrow. On Monday evening a few of my friends got in a really bad car accident. I mean, there's not that much to say about it. Sarah was one of the only fairly good friends I had in the car, and I am thanking God that she's not dead. She broke her arm and her leg pretty severly. I didn't know Meagan that well, but she was driving and I can't even imagine, nor would I like, the pain she's experiencing right now. Ashley and I used to be good friends in 6th and 7th grade, and we talked a little in 8th or 9th grade cause she moved, but I feel so horrible now that I didn't keep in touch with her. She died. Not on impact either, and that makes it worse, cause she suffered. And as much as I hate to think about it, I can't help but to think about what she looked like and what she felt. Casey told me today all the details about how she died and what she looked like and it almost makes me not want to go to the viewing. I mean, I know they have people to clean them up, but I just don't really want to see her and then have it hit me.

Wednesday, October 2

So I joined the Spanish Club. Am I gay now? lol. Don't answer that. So ANYWAY...what's up? Abso-frikkin-lutely nuthin here. Woah...I don't update very often do I? I need to get on that. I also need to call Bobby. Oh well. I dunno what to say. I would talk about whats been goin' on with me...but there are some people reading this that shouldn't know about that. Oh well...I'll tell everyone at a later date. Most of y'all know anyway. At least Lorne and Big P. So I'm gunna go eat some dinner or something. Maybe I'll do some more homework. lol. Byebye.